This Los Angeles home is packed with the best entertaining spaces – from the coolest hang-out sofa to an outdoor bar

Whether hosting indoors or out, this L.A. home is filled with comfortable, stylish spots for every occasion

A home like this one in Brentwood, Los Angeles, is made for entertaining. The classic property was originally designed in 1959 by architect Kenneth Lind with the house closer to the front so that guests walk into the garden first –a zen oasis that leads through the Mid-Century home. 

Owned by film producer Todd Garner and model and presenter Shana Garner, and shared with their daughter Mollie, the house did, however, require an update to really reach its potential. 

‘The owners are my dear friends,’ says Victoria Gillet, the Parisian designer, now based in LA, who was behind the re-design into a modern home. ‘Shana and I have a beautiful synergy together and she has a very playful personality. She had full trust in me for the project and literally, she almost gave me free rein.’

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