What are the best colors for south-facing rooms? These are the designers’ favorite shades

Choosing colors for a south-facing room? Don’t lift a paintbrush before checking our design experts’ top picks

If you’re planning on redecorating a south-facing room there are plenty of options. Warm and well-lit, south-facing rooms can handle strong, bright shades as well as look good in softer paler colors.

But what are the best colors for south-facing rooms? To answer this question and find out how to choose paint colors we asked interior design experts for their advice and favorite shades.

Remember that color choices are subjective and will be affected not only by the light levels in the room, but also by the surrounding furniture and furnishing choices. Light levels will vary depending on the time of day and season, and from one part of the room to another. So it makes sense to sample the color in situ and observe it throughout the day to make sure you’re happy with your paint ideas before painting the whole room.

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